From infancy to its current dynamic landscape, we've been at the forefront of our industry – shaping its evolution and setting new benchmarks.

Over the decades, we've pioneered and delivered top-notch mail and parcel management solutions to many partners worldwide from Fortune 500 companies to the federal government.

As a certified MBE and a small business, we've learned to adapt to unique needs, providing personalized solutions for your business. This has helped us develop partnerships of 10, 15, and even 20 years with clients a testament to the quality and reliability of our solutions!

Meet our friendly mascot, J.J. Baloo

What our tagline "From Grizzly to Panda, We Track it All" means

Picture this: You're sending out mail and parcels left, right, and center. Some are big, like a grizzly bear lumbering through the forest, while others are small and nimble, like a panda munching on bamboo. Well, guess what? With BearTracks, we've got you covered, no matter the size, shape, or location of your package!

How did I get my name — J.J. Baloo

Well, my face resembles one of our dear colleagues, J.J. 😉  Of course, the name J.J. is gender-neutral as well. As for Baloo, it comes from the Jungle Book, a Hindi word for 'bear.'

So, here I am, J.J. Baloo, embodying our diversity, inclusivity, and minority-owned business status. I represent the unbeatable spirit of the 'BearTracks bears' — a culture of innovation and enthusiasm for top-of-the-line, premium products and services.

Welcome to our den!

Tracing BearTracks' origin

  • Bear River incorporated as a Macintosh application development company
  • Notable projects include writing part of PowerPoint version 1 (before it was a Microsoft product).
  • Expanded expertise to include work with Windows, web, and mobile technologies
  • Created ‘Star Receiver’, the first enterprise-level package tracking solution, deployed globally by Cisco Systems.
  • Transitioned to selling software products created and owned by Bear River exclusively
  • ‘Star Receiver’ was adopted by very large customers and rolled out nationally to corporate sites and campuses.
  • Business model evolved to a SaaS model
  • ‘Star Receiver’ branched out to other tracking-adjacent business areas, and became adept at delivering, maintaining, and supporting hosted software.
  • Focus on supporting hybrid workforces for the high-tech, biotech/pharma, finance, and higher education verticals
  • Reinventing flagship product with new features and functionalities
  • Bear River becomes BearTracks, with a new generation of company leadership.

When a vision met our solution, our identity was born…

Tom Wirth, who was at the forefront of Cisco's bustling mail and parcel sector, identified the urgent need for innovation beyond traditional tracking methods. With rising volumes and the pressure for timely delivery, he envisioned a breakthrough to ensure no package was lost and every delivery was precise.

Tom turned to Tony and Randy, our founders, to pioneer a robust enterprise-level package tracking software.

Soon enough, Cisco became our first customer and validated our solution. Tom's expertise and unwavering commitment to operational excellence made him an integral part of our narrative. His belief and advocacy of our product amplified its reach. The result? Our product set a new standard for package tracking and analytics across the industry.

Today, as we rebrand ourselves, we thank Tom for his profound influence on our product and the industry at large.


Our grizzly guardians

Anthony Meadow

Anthony Meadow co-founded Bear River Associates in 1985. As the founding president, his primary focus was developing the company's long-term technical strategy.

Randall Matamoros

Since becoming CEO of Bear River Associates in 1996, Randall Matamoros has spearheaded various strategic initiatives, including the architecture of our business services solutions.

Our mission

To provide secure and innovative facilities management solutions, enabling businesses to focus on their core business objectives.

Our vision

To revolutionize how businesses handle logistics, and be recognized for creating environments where businesses thrive, communities flourish, and the planet prospers.

Our core values


Spreading delight with every tracked and timely delivery


Ensuring honesty and reliability in every transaction


Fostering creativity and forward-thinking to redefine package tracking


Empowering businesses with actionable insights