Find out why we’re the world’s leading last-mile mail and parcel management solutions for the last 35+ years!

You are worried about delayed mails/packages and missing SLAs. Or about the need for more labor and physical space in your organization. Your flexible work schedules are creating confusion in your mailroom. Or worse, you have a frustrated facilities team with low morale and productivity.

You know you must have the world's leading facilities management solutions. Stuff that ensures visibility, accountability, and chain of custody across your enterprise.

Should we be your choice? Well, you decide.

Our strengths

Tech-forward innovative solutions

Enhanced visibility with reports & analytics

Breadth of powerful functionalities

Minimum engineering support required

End-to-end accountability

Option to scale up seamlessly

Fully secured data

Competitive pricing plans


We've channelled all our resources, creativity, and technological expertise to revolutionize how businesses handle logistics by leveraging the latest tech advancements.