Our solution optimizes your mail and parcel shipping costs with a centralized system, while providing real-time visibility into the shipping process.

Ship smarter, deliver faster!

Are your interoffice and internal shipments fully accountable? Looking for a viable alternative to the more-expensive carrier shipments? Or you have a shipping solution, but integrating it with other organizational systems is getting complex?

Well, BearTracks shipping software can be the answer. It can enhance the efficiency of outbound logistics, reduce shipping errors, and minimize costs — improving overall customer satisfaction.

Key features


Unmatched visibility into mail services operations, capturing all the steps

Full accountability 

Seamless chain of custody for mails/packages from receipt through delivery

Performance management

Enterprise-wide analytics that measure performance against SLAs and other key metrics, so you can optimize operations, provide superior service, and negotiate better contracts

Employee portal

Employees can follow the status of each item that should be delivered to them and that they ship, internally and outside of the company.

Key benefits

Single tool

Manages inbound and outbound processes through the integrated interface

DTS wizard

Employees can benefit from company’s negotiated prices from anywhere, including the “Big 3” carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS).

Flexible dropping

While working remotely, employees may drop packages at the carrier’s stores (instead of office)