Our solution includes a range of features to streamline the handling of incoming mail and packages. Plus, we offer customizable workflows to adapt to the specific needs and processes of your organization.

Make every mail and package a priority!

Still having manual processes for sorting, tracking, and distributing? Challenging to establish accountability for the receipt and distribution? Communication gaps leading to delays or missed deliveries? Inefficient mailroom storage utilization?

Well, for many such challenges, implementing BearTracks Receiving and Distribution solution is a wise investment. It not only addresses operational obstacles but also contributes to a more secure, efficient, and streamlined workflow.

Key features

Modular Application

Designed with a modular structure, allowing you to select and implement specific modules based on your needs.

Web & mobile components

Accessible through web-based interfaces and mobile applications, promoting flexibility and convenience in different work environments.

Metrics measurement

Tools to measure different key metrics , like processing time, delivery accuracy, and package tracking.


Visual representations of key performance indicators (KPIs) and real-time data related to receiving and distribution processes.

Configurable features

Features/settings within the software that can adapt to the specific workflows of the organization.

Other conveniences

Examples: Automated notifications, electronic signature capture, audit trail, scanning barcodes, establishing routes & stops, measuring compliance, etc.

Key benefits

Easy package retrieval & research

Facilitates quick retrieval of packages, reducing search times and enhancing overall mailroom productivity.

Easy to use

Designed with a modular structure, allowing you to select and implement specific modules based on your needs.


Empowers site managers to easily search for information and generate reports, fostering data-driven decision-making and optimizing mailroom processes.

Digital signatures

Enhances security and accountability by allowing electronic capture of signatures upon package delivery, providing a digital record of receipt.

Package History

Maintains a comprehensive history of packages for reference and analysis.